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Tribute to ’Trane

Alan Skidmore Quartet
Featuring Alan Sidmore, Jason Rebello, Dave Green & Stephen Keogh


Catalogue #: MMCD075

01 Resolution       With the revered veteran Dave Green on bass, Stephen Keogh on drums and introducing the youthful energy of Jason Robello, this CD is a fine tribute to the John Coltrane Quartet. As John Fordham writes in his notes for this recording: Alan Skidmore, one of the most self-effacing musicians ever to be blessed with talent, insists that he doesn't want his album to be seen as part of a competition - either with Coltrane's own legacy, or the younger generation of players currently wrestling with the intricacies of it as Skidmore was himself doing two decades ago. 'It's simply a thank you to him', Skidmore says. Alan Skidmore's fans, and those only just discovering him, owe the leader of this subtle and exciting session much the same debt.


02 Lonnie's Lament    
03 Bessie's Blues    
04 Crescent    
05 Dear Lord    
06 Naima    
07 Mr P.C.