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Peter King Quartet

Featuring Peter King, Steve Melling, Jeremy Brown & Stephen Keogh with James Hallawell
Catalogue #: MMCD083

01 Dido's Lament     This CD has been described as a milestone in the career of a remarkable musician (Dave Gelly in the Guardian), and a beautiful and original record (Linton Chiswick in Time Out). As John Fordham writes: "From King's whirlwind arrival on the British jazz scene in 1959 to his reputation today as one of the World's premier jazz soloists, this imaginative and impassioned performer has wrestled with the enduring problem of being seen and heard for the artist he truly is. This is his most ambitious venture. His sweeping musical departures from be-bop are tributes to the late F1 driver Ayrton Senna. Peter King could not make an album of bleak formalism. All of his attributes are at full throttle. King works with his usual fluid energy on the boppish material, but the more spacious and reflective settings of the pieces inspired by classical forms touch depths in him that have rarely been caught on disc. This might be the kind of session that makes people talk about "hidden fires" in Peter King. In finding ways to bring them more dramatically out into the open King has taken a bold step that marks another turning point in his career."
02 You Taught Me How To Sing  
03 Boxer's Demise  
04 Leona  
05 Bess, Oh Where's My Bess  
06 My Man's Gone Now  
07 Yes or No  
08 Please Don't Ever Leave Me  
09 Theme from Bartok's Violin Concerto No.2, Second Movement, Andante Tranquillo
10. Tamburello  
11. Ayrton  
12. Imola  




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